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Abstract started with a question. In a world of increasing demand for sustainable materials, how could we be wasting such a fantastic natural by-product?

Most ‘luxury’ leather goods brands rely on sprawling global supply chains, with materials and products made in questionable environmental and ethical conditions. We believe in another way.

At Abstract our supply chain is as small as possible, so we can keep a close eye on all of the details. From farm to tannery to workshop to you.

Choose a better leather.

Leather As It Should Be

Leather is a beautiful natural product, but a globalised industry has turned it into an anonymous commodity. Many hides and skins circle the globe to be tanned as cheaply as possible, trading price for often shocking environmental and ethical practices.

Goat leather has an especially pronounced grain that varies from piece to piece. Rather than cover up natural markings and variations we celebrate them, ensuring each of our products is unique.


Our design philosophy is to let our goat leather speak for itself. For us, the best British design sits between the restrained and the bold. Nothing elaborate, just purposeful products with clarity and confidence.

The possibilities for goat leather are endless, but we are taking it slowly. With each product we learn more about how our leather behaves, how it ages and how best to use it.

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